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Contribute to this worthy cause with your next online order. Simply sign in and add the "$1 Donation to Book Trust" to your shopping cart. Or, make your Book Trust™ donation using the printed order forms in February, March, April, May, or June.

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How Your Donation Helps

Book Trust provides eligible students with a monthly allowance to choose FREE BOOKS from Scholastic Book Clubs. For many, these will be the first books in their homes. Teachers also earn Bonus Points for free books and classroom resources from Book Club orders.

Scholastic Book Clubs donates $250,000 worth of books to Book Trust each year. Your donation will help to get even more books into the hands of kids who need them.

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Since 2001, Book Trust has...

  • Grown from serving 170 students in Colorado to 25,000 children in nine states
  • Helped children choose and own 2.3 million books
  • Invested $5.78 million in books for children in need
  • Helped teachers earn 33 million Bonus Points from Scholastic Book Clubs, which they can use to purchase additional books and classroom resources

Learn what Book Trust means by hearing from the people who know it best!

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What Teachers Are Saying

"Book Trust™ is an absolutely amazing program! It has allowed my students to go from having zero books at home to having their own, self-selected mini-library. They love to talk about books and share what they have learned with each other. The most popular centers in my classroom [are] the library center, the independent reading center, and partner reading center. The children are beginning to develop identities as readers! Thank you to everyone who is giving us this lifelong gift!"

—Jenna W.,
Teacher, Willow Oaks Elementary

"This is one of the greatest experiences with reading that I have participated in with my students. I have never had so many students so excited to read and keep track of how long it will take their books to come. My students are so excited to read books with their friends and share their experiences with the book. It was an amazing experience. For the teacher, using the free Bonus Points, we purchased additional resources which we shared at our school. Thank you so much!"

—Mirtha T.,
Teacher, Lake Weston Elementary

"Not only has [Book Trust] helped increase their reading scores, but it has really impacted the way they think about reading. Five of my students chose to write their final paper for What Is the Best Thing That Happened in First Grade? on 'When our books arrive.' They have chosen to celebrate Book Trust day over field trips, science fairs, field day, picnics, plays and presentations, and even class birthday parties. That is a real appreciation for reading!"

—Katy B.,
Teacher, Cheltenham Elementary

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No goods or services will be provided to you for your contribution to Book Trust. Book Trust is a nonprofit 501c-3 organization. Book Trust's U.S. tax payer identification number is 20-4124164.