Everyone Benefits with the Scholastic Reading Club!

Welcome to the easy and affordable way to provide the best books for your child while supporting his or her classroom with FREE Books and helpful resources!


When the flyer arrives home from school, you're five easy steps away from the best reading for your child—and great rewards for your child's classroom!

  1. It all starts when you enter the Class Activation Code or use Find Your Teacher on the Reading Club home page to shop with your child's classroom!
  2. Once you're in, you can shop by flyer, search by title or item number, or simply browse and take advantage of the teacher recommendations.
  3. When you're ready to check out, you'll be asked to create an account or sign in.
  4. Place your order. You will be able to download eBooks immediately, and print books will be delivered to your child's classroom within two–three weeks after your teacher submits the whole class order.
  5. The teacher receives Bonus Points and rewards for the classroom as soon as you order.

But what if...?

If you have other children in classrooms that don't participate in the Scholastic Reading Club, you can still order for the entire family. All your books will simply be delivered to the classroom assigned to your Class Activation Code.


The Best Books for Your Child

Every month, Reading Club lets your child choose from the best books and eBooks just right for his or her grade, reading level, and interests.

Your children can pick the books they want, making them feel empowered and wanting to read more.

Choosing books together builds excitement and keeps the reading motivation going at home and in school.

Every Order Helps
Your Child’s Classroom

When you buy a book or eBook through the Reading Club, your child’s teacher receives Bonus Points that can be redeemed for FREE Books and helpful classroom resources–from basic pencils to the latest technology!

Most Reading Club teachers use their Bonus Points to build classroom libraries, making the best books available for all students.

Personalized Recommendations

Ordering through your child’s classroom
helps create a mutually supportive
community of readers.

Titles recommended by your teacher
for your child supports reading growth and

Find additional favorites suggested from
among Scholastic’s most popular books
and eBooks.

The Book Box Experience

It’s always a big day when the Reading Club orders arrive in the classroom!

Your order is shipped to the classroom
along with other parents’ orders via the “book
box” (eBooks are downloaded directly from
the Reading Club site).

Kids engage and share their new books with classmates and friends.

It’s a special moment for your child, when
reading becomes an event to remember.


Start by entering your Class Activation Code or finding your teacher.

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