Scholastic Reading Club Online

Scholastic Reading Club has it all.

The right books for readers, resources for classrooms, and support for Common Core.

Scholastic Book Clubs is now Scholastic Reading Club

New! Grade-level flyers and online selections.

Scholastic Book Clubs is now Scholastic Reading Club

Improved! Parent-engagement tools and online dashboard.

Scholastic Book Clubs is now Scholastic Reading Club

New! Common Core support and teaching kits.

Bonus Points

Fill your bookshelves and enhance your classroom for FREE.

The Scholastic Reading Club is a complete support system for teachers, helping you earn FREE Books and resources you need to do your job.

What exactly are Bonus Points?

Think of them as Reading Club currency. Every single time you place an order for your classroom, that order earns you Bonus Points that you can spend on things you need: books, curriculum guides, Common Core kits, classroom resources—even iPads.

How do I earn more Bonus Points?

Throughout the year, there are endless opportunities to earn Extra Bonus Points. Keep an eye on the teacher pages of your monthly catalogs for special Bonus Point promotions. The best way to earn Bonus Points is by engaging parents and getting your students excited about the latest books. Every dollar equals more points.

Earn Extra Bonus Points when you refer a teacher. Click here.

What kinds of things can Bonus Points buy?

Well, books, of course. But that's just the beginning. Our Bonus Catalog is full of everything from classroom activities and supplies to iPads and curriculum kits to help support your efforts in the classroom. You can browse the catalog here.

Download bonus catalog

Red Apple

Our all-star Reading Club teachers.

So many teachers use the Scholastic Reading Club as an integrated tool for helping students connect to reading, engaging parents, and building a classroom library of grade- and level-appropriate books, but some go above and beyond. Teachers who spent $500 during the 2012–2013 school year qualify for Red Apple Rewards during the 2013–2014 school year.

The Right Books

Using the Reading Club to help students.

The Most Involvement

Engaging parents and driving orders.

Red Apple Teachers

Classroom rewards, FREE shipping on paid orders, e-mail-only offers, and exclusive gifts and discounts.

Red Apple Teachers are also rewarded with 1000 Bonus Points for referring new teachers to the Scholastic Reading Club. (Points are awarded when a new teacher places his or her first order.)

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How-to Videos

See how easy it is to get started.

We've compiled the "how-tos" and "what do I dos" into these short videos. Take a look.

Scholastic Book Clubs Online Video Player.
Scholastic Book Clubs Online Video Player.
Scholastic Book Clubs Online Video Player.
Scholastic Book Clubs Online Video Player.
Scholastic Book Clubs Online Video Player.
Scholastic Book Clubs Online Video Player.

Tips & Tricks

Making the most of the Reading Club.

Every day we get tons of tips from teachers. Each month we'll share some new ones with you. Have a tip? Tell us! E-mail us at:

  • Review the flyer as a class—when the book box comes, everyone can celebrate.
  • Make class-wide or student-specific recommendations to get your students excited about reading.
  • Tell parents about the giveback—every order they place from Scholastic Reading Club earns FREE Books and resources for your classroom.
  • Feel free to ask for help! Ask for parent volunteers to manage the Scholastic Reading Club in your classroom, or partner with another teacher and take turns!
  • Get parents involved! Send letters and emails home explaining the benefits of Scholastic Reading Club. Talk to parents about Scholastic Reading Club at Back-to-School Night or Parent/Teacher conferences.

Looking for ways to bring Scholastic Reading Club into the classroom and integrate with your curriculum? Download our FREE Guide here

Parent Engagement

There is no question about it: Parents make all the difference.

The secret to growing your classroom Reading Club isn't a secret at all: when parents are engaged and in the loop, everything is easier. We've redoubled our efforts this year to help teachers get parents involved. There are so many tools in the Teacher Dashboard to help reach out to parents, but there are some good old-fashioned tricks as well.

Use the tools

Your Teacher Dashboard has parent letters, e-mail templates, and order reminders to help you connect. Download your Parent Introduction letters in seven different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Russian and Chinese.

Give Recommendations

Parents want to know what you think is right for their child. Whether it's on the flyer or online, let them know.

Make it count

Use contests and the Book of the Month to get everyone excited and involved and earn Bonus Points.

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