Book Clubs is now the Scholastic Reading Club

One reading club that grows with your child and always helps you find the perfect book.

Who We Are

It's so nice to meet you.

We are the Scholastic Reading Club and we believe that every child is a good reader; they just need to find the right book. What's the right book? Depends on the reader! We bring together teachers and experts to handpick every single book and eBook in our flyers by grade and reading level.

For more than 90 years, Scholastic has been inspiring reading and helping build strong classroom libraries.

How It Works

Finding the Right Formula

We know a lot about books for kids. We also bring in the best of the best to help us find books that are perfect for every child in every grade at every reading level. So every time a Reading Club flyer comes home with your child, you know you're looking at a handpicked selection of books just right for them.

The right books

Teachers and experts select our titles.

Giving back

Every purchase helps earn free books for the classroom.

Engaged readers

Books that help kids learn to love to read.

Scholastic Book Clubs is now Scholastic Reading Club

Why it matters

Read every day. Lead a better life.

We want kids to love reading. It's not just about discovery and imagination, it's about preparing them for life.

Parents and kids choose books to read together.

Kids love reading when the books are right for them.

Reading builds vocabulary and improves confidence.

Classrooms earn free books and supplies.